First of all congratulations! It is going to be an awesome year full of wonderful experiences!

It is really cool that you have found your way here to the board of Oulu's student teachers OLO's website! Olo together with your tutors want to help you in starting your studies so that you can have a successful and awesome first year!

We have collected a little information package for you, because we as well have been freshmen once and know that at the start things can get a little confusing! On our website you can also find information about what does OLO ry do, so it could be also good to check it out!

Every group has their board tutors in addition to regular tutors, who can tell your group more about OLO and gladly answer any questions about OLO and other stuff regarding studying.

Join OLO-it's worth it!

Here are just a few of the reasons why to join OLO, when studying in the University of Oulu to become a teacher. Membership fee is 35 euros and it has to be paid only once during your studies.

• Overalls! To get the overalls, you have to be a member of OLO.

• Discounts on events organized by OLO.

• Bun-day in our own Café Olohuone every month’s last Wednesday: coffee, tea or hotchocolate with a bun for only 1 euro!

• Right to participate in the meetings of OLO. If you are interested in organization activity, you have to be a member of OLO. Every member of OLO is welcome to the meetings, even though you are not a member of the board!

Here are the instructions on how to become a member of OLO:

  1. Download Kide.app on your phone and registrate yourself there. You can also do this at their website https://kide.app/

  2. Write #olojäsenyys to the search (remember to use # at the front) and choose the right membership option (new member, masters student, exchange students)

  3. Fill your information to the form.

  4. Go to the check out and pay your membership.

  5. Your membership is still un-activated, the board members will have to activate your membership manually. They will do it soon and after that, you can find your membership card from your wallet at Kide.app from the "Your membership cards". You can now prove to be a OLO member by showing your membership card from here :)

OLO's membership is valid until the end of your studies. Notice that to become a member of SOOL (Finland's teacher students union), you have to be a member of your own guild!

New freshman guide will be published in summer 2021!

Welcome to our events - See you there!



Important for freshman

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You can join a Facebook group meant for the freshmen. Check out Uni. Oulu lo-20!

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