What is OLO?

OLO (Oulun Luokanopettajaopiskelijat ry) is a student organization in the University of Oulu, which focuses on students' rights, brings together students from the same field and organizes a variety of events for its members. In addition, OLO runs Cafe Olohuone, which offers its services for both students and the staff.


OLO works together with SOOL (Suomen Opettajaksi Opiskelijoiden Liitto) - a national teacher students union. OLO and SOOL co-operate on a local level in advocacy work for teacher students in the University of Oulu. Our goal is to make the students' voice heard on faculty and university level, and to ensure a quality study experience for all of our members. 

OLO ry organizes a variety of events throughout the year! We try to recognize the needs and wishes of all our students when organizing events.


Oulun Luokanopettajaopiskelijat ry was established in 1953, making it an old but experienced student organization. 

OLO ry started of as "Pedagogian ylioppilaat ry" and worked with this name for 60 years, until the year 2013 when the name was changed to Oulun Luokanopettajaopiskelijat ry.


OLO is yearly run by a board, where six to eight official board members and four vice members take care of the student organization. The board meets every week to brainstorm and organize new happenings, and to decide on important issues regarding the entire organization. Everyone can influence the work of OLO by coming to the meetings and especially coming to the annual autumn meeting where the new board is chosen. Every OLO member is eligible to vote and run for the board.


Feel free to browse the website and get to know what OLO does!








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